I have a strong passion for the fitness lifestyle that so many are striving to develop. I am a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist who loves being able to help people reach their potential! Training and boot camps 7 days a week, you can only image that I go through a lot of clothing. I was approached by Adore Lumen and totally love the message they represent for women so it was only a matter of time before I agreed to be on board. Great feel of their apparel and colors is really hard to pass!

- Syd C.

 I started embracing my own individuality when I was in college. It was around that time that I realized I wanted to be a software engineer, and although engineering is typically a male-dominated environment, it didn't matter what others thought. A few years into college, I also started bodybuilding and power lifting, and that was when I really started to have a more positive self image. And that is what has led me to support Adore Lumen- a brand that encourages women and girls alike, no matter their goals/visions for themselves!

- Olivia Crusoe


 I have been struggling with my body since I was a young girl. Obesity ran in my family so I always knew I wanted a healthier lifestyle. Right out of high school I joined the Air Force, and then I knew exactly how I wanted change the cycle. I hated running so first I began lifting weights. I noticed the curves in my body and I started to embrace them everyday. Soon after modeling became a part of my life, I felt the obligation to show any woman and young girl that they can do anything they put their mind to. This is why I support this message of Adore Lumen! Fitness is for everyone no matter where they may start their journey!

- Caroline Campbell


I have been modeling for years with constant photo shoots that take a toll on my body. Sports & fitness has been such an integral part to keep my energy level up for my life and profession. Running is my go to workout in the gym or outside because I really love the fresh air as my mind is able to relax from my crazy schedule. Intense physical activity requires not only the presence of willpower but also has molded my mind to be exactly who I want to be. This is why a prefer Adore Lumen and the message that they send to be unique in all aspects of one self. Quality sportswear clothing ideal for running & active exercises in the gym.

- Alexandra Vasilenko


Since I was 16 years old I liked to party at least 3 days of the week and when I didn't go out, I drank a few beers with a friend or maybe alone watching a movie. Next, I moved to my University where the downward spiral with my health began. I chose to be around "bad company" letting my self be influence by a couple of guys who ask to take me out. Soon I was smoking cigarettes (and other substances), the whole week, non-stop partying, drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage, staying up late, and of course a lot of junk food. I never cared about how I looked and even changed my wardrobe to hide the excess weight I had. Then my friends (the real ones) & family started to advise me to take care of myself, advice that I obviously ignored for 5 years when I was 26 pounds overweight. I was hesitant but there was nothing left to do so I said JUST DO IT!

  I consider myself an incredibly passionate individual which is why I decided to start training with some videos at home. Also I watched some YouTube Nutrition channels and after a month I was totally committed to not be the person I was 5 years ago. After 3 months I was so in love with exercises, Pilates, the gym & seeing so much change in me that I began my formal studies of being a professional fitness trainer and Pilates instructor. After a hardworking year I lost more weight than I ever expected! I look younger, feel better and have inspired people to give their best because the limits are just in the head!

-Ana C. Salazar